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Prestige Range


After months of research we sourced the best quality materials to use for our sliding doors and the Prestige range was our flagship. The Prestige handle is a unique design and uses the highest quality of aluminum to give a bold and impressive look. The Prestige is a practical, easy grip handle which has a sleek finish to compliment any colour of panel or glass. Our system not only looks good but is light and smooth, so that it oozes elegance and luxury.

The Prestige handle is available in 3 finishes Chrome, Champagne and Black, and thanks to an innovative computer program, we can cater for a number of alternative splits and styles.

Prestige Chrome

Prestige Chrome is our most popular handle in our sliding door range. Unique to Pullman Doors, you will not find the Prestige handle anywhere else

Prestige Champagne
Identical to or Prestige Chrome handle, we also supply a Champagne handle which adds an extra touch of warmth to a room.

Prestige Black

In 1909 Henry Ford famously quoted, ‘A customer can have a car in any colour he wants, as long as it’s black’.

Black is a colour that never goes out of fashion. It always looks modern, stylish and sleek. With this in mind we decided to add a black handle to our Prestige range. Made with the same quality material as the Prestige range but with a slightly different, more modern look to suit the colour. Black will create a stand out feature in any room.

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